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June 2017 – Pet Food Surcharge VICTORY

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Can you follow this bouncing ball?

LD 1601:  An Act To Reduce Costs to Businesses by Phasing Out the Pet Food Surcharge makes it out of Committee with a “Do Not Recommend” AND an  amended bill increases the funding allotted to Help Fix ME from the pet food surcharge.

The Governor vetoed the amended bill on 6/23.  The House voted (Yeas 125 – Nays 20 – Excused 1 – Absent 5) and the Senate voted (Yeas 33 – Nays 1 – Excused 1 – Absent 0) to override the Governor’s veto on 6/27.

It was  a VERY BIG WIN FOR ANIMALS at the State House with a resounding override of the Governor’s veto of LD 1601.   Since the amended bill was passed as an emergency measure it will take effect immediately rather than the usual 90 days following the legislature’s adjournment. The overwhelming, bipartisan support for this legislation was due in great part to the many animal advocates that spoke up and contacted their legislators and is a great example of what we can do working collaboratively.